The secret is out: 10 African super foods you need to be eating and drinking right now | Mail & Guardian Africa

Early this month, the Ethiopian government announced plans to allow the partial lifting of a ban on exports of teff grain, touted as the […]

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Eating indigenously changes diets and lives of Native Americans | Al Jazeera America

History and health came together one dark November evening for Marty Reinhardt at Northern Michigan University.Reinhardt, a professor in the Native American Studies program, […]

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Try @LoveBeeSweet Lemonade a Girl-Owned and Operated Business | Official Blog for Dr. Grady E. Smith

Little Mikaila is an enterprising young girl in Austin, Texas. I think it’s awesome that she has started her own business selling lemonade sweetened […]

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Expert Tip: You Don’t Need to Store Whole Grains in the Freezer | The Kitchn

Have you heard that whole grains and whole grain flours should be stored in the fridge or freezer? Keep them in the pantry and […]

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Students Are Tweeting Thanks to Michelle Obama With Pics Of Gross Cafeteria Food — See the Meals! – Yahoo Celebrity

Hangry! On Friday, Nov. 21, students started sarcastically tweeting #ThanksMichelleObama at the First Lady with photos of their not-so-tasty-looking cafeteria food. via Students Are […]

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Man eats sugar-heavy diet for 60 days, receives shocking diagnosis | Fox News

Following in the footsteps of Morgan Spurlock, who ate only McDonald’s food for one month in the film Super Size Me, an Australian man […]

No comments, Nicole, November 22, 2014 Tortilla Recipes…Tortillas as needed (how to make masa)

To make fresh masa, you first need to make nixtamal. Nixtamal is dried field corn soaked in, and heated in, a solution of slaked […]

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Diets personalised to our genetic makeup are more effective, study finds | Daily Mail Online

The key to a healthy diet is in our genes, suggests a new study. Researchers have found that personalised dietary advice based on an […]

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The Vitamin Deficiency That is Written All Over Your Face

Are wrinkles an inevitable fact of aging or could laugh lines and crow’s feet potentially indicate a vitamin deficiency or even a more serious […]

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Indoor Herb Gardens – Kitchen Herb Planters – Country Living

Keeping herbs alive during the winter can be a challenge—but it’s definitely not impossible. Give your green thumb a shot with these DIY indoor […]

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